The Bearing Expert™ is used to source critical base bearing frequency data the manufacturer deems as the accepted value when doing analysis on critical machinery and rotating reciprocal assets within the plant. Bearing frequency data is not easily accessible outside of The Bearing Expert™ bearing library and requires extensive time and research surfing individual manufacturer websites to obtain single search results. There is no uniformity between sites and opportunity to compare vibration data. The Bearing Expert™ is your bearing frequency calculator.

Reliabilty Engineering


Vibration Analysis

NEW: Rolling Element Update

Manufacturers are changing the internal geometry for some bearings under the same or “old” part number. This is important for analysts to be aware of as the number of rolling elements can change the vibration data. The data reflected on manufacturer websites is the most current internal geometry of the bearing which may not match the bearing in your machine.

The Bearing Expert™ includes ALL vibration data for each bearing. (i.e. If the data provided by manufacturer is different from earlier releases, then all iterations for that bearing are listed for your review.)


Our data is sourced directly from the bearing manufacturers and is 100% reliable. Reliability Engineers and vibration analysts no longer have to depend on web site discussion boards or web surfing to locate potential bearing frequency data. They do not have to spend time and effort trying to navigate individual web manufacturer websites.


Researching data from multiple sources increases the potential for error in the collection of that data and can produce unsubstantiated, unreliable results. Data in The Bearing Expert is presented in standardized formatted reports for quick and easy reference.

Information, Consolidation, and Comparison.

Frequency data for ALL MANUFACTURERS for a specific part number is provided on one report. This eliminates the need for analysts to navigate individual catalogues to try to compare data. This is especially important when they are unsure of the specific manufacturer of the bearing in question. The analyst gets a quantitative analysis of of all possible options with one search and can sort results for different views of data.

What If.

Analysts can vary the degree of contact angles and to automatically recalculate frequencies to represent their specific application. No programming or special set up is required. Results are delivered in seconds. Bearing Frequency calculator that is already populated with data ready for use.


“I have been looking for a product with vibration frequency data for a long time! No one else offers this much data in one place. Your database provides vibration data for all the manufacturers on a bearing. I use it to work backwards in trying to identfy the actual bearing in my machine. By seeing all the frequencies on one report I know that I have data that is very close to the measurement I need regardless of the manufacturer as they are almost all the same. We use this tool often!”

Reliabilty Engineer



One analyst stated “he had spent 4 hours trying to identify frequency data for a bearing with no luck. He was able to get the information immediately through The Bearing Expert™.

Senior Manager


Users reported that have spent in excess of 24 hours trying to locate bearing data prior to implementing The Bearing Expert™. After implementing they ultimately found the data in seconds.

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Electric and Power

After days of trying to locate frequency data, customer was able to get his results immediately upon subscribing to   The Bearing Expert™ Toolkit. In fact, he said “it took me longer to place the order for this subscription on line than it did for The Bearing Expert™ to return my results’.

Reliabilty Analyst


We use The Bearing Expert™ regularly! The vibration data has saved us so much money in unnecessary downtime costs. We also use the interchange to pull a replacement bearing from stock. We love this tool!

Vibration Analyst