AI, IOT and Big Data Analytics

With the continued growth of the IOT and AI, there is no question that access to bearing data is critical. As a result, the more data that is immediately available to clients through existing platforms directly impacts the ability to verify and analyzing plant machinery. Hence, driving the success and failure of in plant machinery. We see the industry moving from predictive maintenance; to condition monitoring; to overall machine health; to predict early and often the functionality of parts that will affect the product production in cost and time.

Bearing Frequency data is a major component to better manage industrial asset optimization, reduce downtime, and reduce or eliminate repair and improve overall health.

International Source Index, Inc. works directly with condition monitoring solution providers, technology companies, specialized manufacturers and bearing distributors to provide custom bearing databases and bearing libraries. Bearing data is just one component of predictive modeling.  Yet, it is essential in providing the big picture to clients to enable better diagnostics, trouble-shooting and decision making. The focus begins with data preparation for analysis. The bearing data quality that is the client’s foundation will improve the value in predictivity, analytics and conclusions reached. As we see AI now aggregating bearing data to model better predictions, it is clear that the more detailed source data there is the stronger the argument for AI predictions can be. 

Why Bearing Expert™ Data Powered By ISI:

  • All data is directly sourced from manufacturers
  • Has the largest depth and breadth of bearing data for over 100 manufacturers
  • Ball and Roller Bearing Vibration data is not easily accessible from the manufacturers or their websites
  • Custom Databases can be created to fit bearing data specific to your machinery and requirements
  • The easiest way to add value to your solutions without having to source and build the database yourselves
  • Available in .csv format for easy integration
  • No need to develop and maintain integration protocol to other platforms and products
  • Cost effective and quick!