Supply chain personnel including store managers, inventory managers, tool crib managers and purchasing use The Bearing Expert™ to identify, cross reference and group parts to eliminate duplication, increase efficiency, increase speed to repair or supply and streamline and reduce inventory costs.

Personnel can quickly identify all manufacturers and their respective part numbers for any given part with a single search by part number or dimension. Information includes data for bearings that are no longer manufactured but still in use, the ability to search by housing or bearing insert number, and AFBMA part numbers.

Once identified the data can be used to standardize and streamline inventory, eliminate duplication etc. Throughout the process The Bearing Expert™ becomes a valuable tool in reducing downtime costs by making answers and options immediately available to decision makers.

Supply Chain and Inventory Stores Maintenance

Eliminate Duplication, Match Against Existing Inventory.

The cross reference feature allows stores to identify and consolidate interchangeable parts. Once identified users can begin standardization and reduction efforts. Can easily eliminate the expense of maintianing duplicate parts from multiple manufacturers.


Confidently substitute bearings with assurance they will fit and perform. Hard to find parts are often in your storeroom. Without a reliable cross reference this valuable inventory can go unused while additional new inventory is procured at additional cost to answer supply needs.

Draw Down Existing Inventories.

Once duplication is identified, use on hand inventory for supply or engineering needs. Stores reduces the carrying costs as they draw down against existing excess. 

LEAN Inventory.

Thre is no quicker availability than using on hand inventory. Since substitution can be made across a broad range of manfacturers additional options can be found in existing supply chain. Often times less expensive bearings can be substituted. In the case of business cessation of a particular manufacturer, interhangeable alternatives from other manufacturers are highlighted.


Bearing useage across multiple applications and plant locations can complicate the standardization process. By comparing all bearings in The Bearing Expert tm, analysis shows common parts are available across manufacturing processes and between locations. Standardization metrics can be developed across the greatest range of bearings and applications.

Increased Competitive Bidding.

Accepting pricing from all possible alternatives allows buyers to have a clear picture of all manufacturers for a given part Buyers are no longer limited to  a particluar manufacturer or supplier and are fre to shop for best cost and delivery alternatives.


“We have reduced the amount of downtime repeatedly by using The Bearing Expert™ to pull a replacement bearing out of inventory that we previously would not have recognized as an interchange. the Bearing Expert™ pays for itself monthly. That is a 12 times Return on Investment.”

Plant Manager


“After using The Bearing Expert™ Vibration Frequency Data to quickly identify bearings that are malfunctioning, we use the Bearing Interchange to find a replacement bearing from stock to eliminate downtime. For us to procure a bearing from outside the plant requires us to fill out 15+ forms! This is a substantial cost to us in a downtime situation.”

Reliability Manager


“We use this product everyday. We cannot understand how The Bearing Expert™ is so inexpensive. Downtime is the highest unnecessary cost most plants experience. progressive manufacturing plants use every tool available to reduce downtime. The Bearing Expert™ is such a tool!


“Three weeks after procuring The Bearing Expert™, there was a breakdown in our plant. Delivery from our bearing supplier was next day. We used The Bearing Expert™ and found a bearing in stock to get our lines running again. The downtime savings paid for The Bearing Expert™ ten times over in less than 3 weeks!”

Tool crib Manager


“We used The Bearing Expert™ on their shift and quickly realized that the Interchange data was available 24/7. Previously we were forced to call vendors at home and wait for them to get to their offices to look up an interchange. With The Bearing Expert™ the data is available within seconds. Night calls at our site have been reduced by 80%”